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Realized Programs / The World of Music

Festival "The World of Music" was organized in the Open-air Museum "Old Village" in Sirogojno for the sixth time this year. The main idea of the Festival was to introduce Museum visitors to the traditional music of Serbia and the Balkans through concerts and educational workshops. The Festival audience had the opportunity to see and hear the actual performers of traditional music alive and to get familiar with folk instruments, different types of singing and playing.
The performers at "The World of Music" festival were:
August 13, 2016
Female vocal group - the Association "ERA"
They promoted the songs from the new audio disc, the second they recorded.
BORA DUGIĆ and the Balkan Winds
On the first day of the Festival "The World of Music", legendary master of the flute performed with the orchestra "Balkan Winds" led by brilliant accordionist Boban Prodanović.


August 14, 2016
Nenad Vasilić
The bassist, composer and arranger, Nenad Vasilić presented himself to the visitors of the Museum on the second day of the Festival with a unique program "The Art of the Balkan Bass" which he performed on the solo double bass.
Tamara Ristić - Kezz
KEZZ (Tamara Ristić) is a singer, songwriter and a live looping artist from Kikinda. She performed alone, with a looper, keyboard and melody, creating unique and individual sound space in which melodies of electronic and acoustic instruments were intertwined with a distinctive, stylized singing inspired by traditional music.


The festival was organized by Dragan Cicvarić, senior curator at the Open-air Museum "Old Village" in Sirogojno.