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Special programs / Realized Programs

Workshops for students of architecture master study programme: TRADINNOVATION / FACES OF RURALITY

Realization: Open Air Museum "Old Village" and the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University 

In early August 2014, an exhibition in the open "7 houses, 7 villages, 7 stories" was opened as part of a wider initiative "Tradinnovation / Faces of Rurality". The idea was that 7 houses (cottages, apartments) tell stories about the villages from which they were transferred, the material most commonly used in our traditional architecture, as well as to clarify and draw closer the principles of ecology, green, and sustainable architecture and promote the use of natural materials ... The Museum “Old Village” (author Nichola Krstović, PhD) and an organization engaged in research and promotion in the field of ecology, architecture and art (authors Ksenija Bunjak and Mladen Pešić, Masters of Architecture) have joined forces to discuss the past and bring future closer on a practical example of 7 museum houses.
As a continuation of the project, student workshops are held (9 -12 October); they deepen the story and engage wider professional awareness - 15 master students of architecture divided into 7 groups will offer their interpretations of already set installations. Students had a lecture and workshop "Digitization of the architectural heritage of Zlatibor – A house to remember – I remember Zlatibor" in order become familiar with the architectural heritage of the mountain.

The entire project will be presented in London at the conference RE-IMAGINING RURALITY by the end of February 2015.