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The exhibition “Family scenes” of sculptor Marko Crnobrnja and curator Nikola Krstovic is inspired by actual moment in which the relation of state and society towards parenthood and childhood is changing. Fifteen sculptures are analysis of idealized family environment, requisitioning of relationship between parents and children, children themselves…. Born in private milieu in which the author is husband and father of four toddlers the pieces are synonyms for open questions and dilemmas in the sphere of intimate and therefore the titles which bring the doubts and anxiety in aestheticized appearance: “Grow up and you`ll know”, Mum`s new boyfriend”, “Daddy`s pride”,  “Bottom line”, “Find your own way”, “Wireless”, “A pet”…
The exhibition is open till May 24 2015. Family workshops of woodcarving  which will be moderated by artist`s six members family will be held in the Old Village May 16 and 17 as a part of Museum`s Ten days week manifestation. The bilingual catalogue (SRB&ENG) is available at the museum or as an e-version on web portal