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The intersection of research up to now has shown that traditional music of Zlatibor area is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It refracts everyday life of the population of this region - human notions about religion, superstition, moral, etc. Specific historical, cultural, social and economic circumstances have succeeded in preserving original elements and forms in one part of the folk music; on the other hand, there appear some new categories – new musical instruments, group instrumental music making and a new category of players – the professionals.

The exhibition ''Music through life '' sees music as a social phenomenon for it has a clearly defined role in the wider social context. Perceiving the function music has had in different life circumstances, the exhibition also examines rituals in which it has been practiced.
The authors of the exhibition you can visit in the Hall of the Open-air Museum "Old Village" in Sirogojno until September 15, 2015 are PhD Bojana Bogdanović, senior curator and Dragan Cicvarić, curator.