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Crkva SV Petra i Pavla

A small hill in the village center hosts a one-nave brick church without dome, and with two-floor bell-tower which was later added on the west side. It is dedicated to St Apostles Peter and Paul. As it reads on the royal doors beside the signature of icon painter Simeon Lazovic, its construction and icons at the altar ramp date back to 1764. The information on the donors and the patron of the temple are inscribed at the part above the central door with `Nedremano oko` presentation at the iconostasis. Village graveyard is located by the church.

The arrangement of the icons at the altar ramp is common and characteristic for the traditional Serbian temples during the Turkish occupation. This earliest work of Simeon Lazovic was created in two phases: the first icons were painted in 1764 and bear the characteristics of the post-Byzantium art, inspired by the Serbian Medieval art. The other group, dating from the beginning of the 8th decade, already shows signs of the new baroque style.

Freske Sirogojno