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Creative Europe Desk Serbia in cooperation with the Open-air Museum "Old Village" Sirogojno is organizing a seminar "Creative Europe Programme - Project Preparation” from June 17 to 20, 2015. The invitation was sent to all institutions and organizations from Serbia that plan to compete in the Creative Europe Programme.
The seminar topics deal with the modern practices and concepts in international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art, management of international projects, European cultural policies and priorities of the Creative Europe Programme.
In addition to representatives of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, Milena Dragicević Šešić and Jovan Čekić will participate as lecturers at the seminar.
The aims of the Seminar
The aim of the Seminar is to raise quality and preparation of projects for applications in the Creative Europe Programme, to raise programme and organizational capacities of institutions and organizations from Serbia, as well as making contribution to decentralization in the field of culture. Besides, the seminar is organized for the purpose of promoting communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of representatives of cultural institutions and organizations in the cities and municipalities in Serbia.

In addition to the basic criteria for the participant selection - the quality of project proposals and potential partnerships, representatives of institutions and organizations from small towns and municipalities in central Serbia will be given priority. Representatives of other institutions and organizations will be able to participate in the seminar if vacancies remain. The quality of project proposals is measured in relation to compliance with the themes and priorities of the Creative Europe Programme, innovation and expert soundness of the concept.
The public invitation requirements
1)  The number of participants is limited to 25;
2)  Up to two persons from one institution or organization can apply for participation at the seminar;
3)  Creative Europe Desk Serbia and Open Air Museum "Old Village" cover the costs of accommodation and food, while the seminar participants provide for their travel expenses.
Application submission
The seminar application should contain the following information (up to three pages):
- Brief description of the project with which an institution or organization wants to compete in the Creative Europe Programme or believes that the proposed project has potential to apply;
-  List of potential project partners;
- Brief description of the institution / organization (mission, objectives, main activities);
- An indication of the workplace position of the person or persons who apply to the seminar
It is required to submit the application to the Internet address of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia –
The deadline for submitting applications
Applications can be submitted until 7 June 2015. Applications submitted after the established deadline will not be taken into consideration.