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Special programs / Realized Programs

The Open air Museum "Old Village" and the Program of the American Council in Serbia A-SMYLE (American Serbia & Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange) organized weekend action of arranging the Museum complex for the third year in a row. At first based on ecological issues and concerns about the living environment, the Program has later received a creative line, as well. Addressing rural-urban migration, the group set the installation YUGO. The goal was to turn old and useless museum car into the sign of the official museum parking lot. Inspiration was sought in a documentary film. This witty installation deals with family relationships and emotional states experienced by three generations of a rural family from the early 80-ies of XX century when they used to go to the city. In addition to the YUGO installation, the Program has remained faithful to environmental motives and principles in arranging Museum orchard and personalizing every tree, as well as walkways around the Museum inns and lodgings.