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Special programs

The exhibition ‘’Tactile Heritage’’ is the final phase of the same named project, which is the result of cooperation between the two institutions: the Open Air Museum ‘’Old Village’’ in Sirogojno and the Regional Association of the Blind of Serbia in Užice. During July, August and September 2015, a total of 12 workshops were held; they involved seven blind and visually impaired women who have been engaged in the production of wool and cotton garments for many years. Although highly skilled, the members of the Association gained new knowledge about the techniques of weaving, knitting, crocheting and embroidery as well as characteristic ways of decorating garments made of these materials. In order to provide more adequate ways for the participants to get acquainted with the materials, colors, methods of creating and ornamentation characteristic of the Zlatibor region, the project included knitters who have for many years been employed in the fashion production ‘’Sirogojno style’’.
The aim of the project was inclusion of persons with disabilities in the program activities of the open air museum, revitalization of old crafts and inter-institutional cooperation.