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Good news always goes together: The Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) and European Museum Academy (EMA) nominated the Open air museum Old Village in Sirogojno for prestigious “Živa” Award for the best Slavic museum. The news has just been received from Dr Andrea Rihter, the president of Forum of Slavic Cultures. This renowned competition where the museums representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria are taking part, will be held in Slovenia, Bled, September 20-24 when the winners would be officially announced. As in the previous experiences with the competition for European museum of the year (EMYA 2014), the Open air museum “Old Village” will be visited by members of international jury in March or April. We are remembering the good tradition and results of Serbian representatives at this competition: GalerijaMaticesrpske won the whole competition in 2014, while Museum of Yugoslav history has been awarded by the special recommendation in 2015.

Photo: Logos of the competition and organizers and „Živa“ Award exhibited at Galerija Matice srpske