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Special programs

Easier to navigate, faster to obtain more information... Move through the Museum in the way you think you should...

Learn as much as you want. This website is entirely at the service of self-management through the permanent collection of the museum. Use wisely your smart phone and download the QR codes with new museum QR guiding labels (in Serbian or English), meet up with each object individually, find out his history and biography and enrich your experience and knowledge of traditional architecture. Everything works very simple, and if you have a fear that smart phones are smarter than you, our super guide Ivana Kuburović efficiently and effectively solves this problem for a few seconds. Indulge yourself, scan and navigate freely through the past.


If you are, however, up for become familiar with a variety of wood that is used for engineering purposes, as well as in everyday life, refer to our telescopes and zoom details. They reveals the unexpected stories and things that we are sure that they did not know.