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Special programs

Quelic Berga Carreras

I am occupied by the thoughts of how technologies shape our world and the ways in which we experience it. Through my work I manage to confront realities of the digital era with the way that we are faced with environmental issues, multicultural societies, memories and patterns of nature. During this process, the thinking of humanity is being revealed and it is something that I follow.
I gladly use different techniques and formats. I use performance or sculpture, a code, media or raw materials, images or projections. For me, art is an excuse to challenge the audience and to raise engagement, interaction and thought. I try to reconsider preconceptions about how things actually are improving them and dreaming of better realities. In my work, I focus on the need to adapt technology to human needs and the importance of maintaining honest dialogue with nature.

Through the project Frontiers in Retreat I cooperate with Saara and Joanes on the installation of a sculpture and a video work, which we filmed in Sirogojno recently; it is about the problem of global warming. On the other side, I work independently on the "exaggeration" of nature with the help of light. I use natural/real objects which, when projected through the lens, become enormous high-resolution images (an actual infinite resolution). I like to question "digital" quality of pictures which we are exposed to every day. In order to do that, I zoom small details of beautiful things, trying to make people feel and experience nature through its small details.