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Joanes Simon Perret, TELE-CABIN

Joanes is a young interdisciplinary artist-designer. He is particularly interested in the use of live plants in his work. "When I was younger I lived in town, but every Sunday, I went to the village with my family. I think the contrast between urban and nature actually created my personality. I began to notice that my "city" friends do not really know anything about nature or life in the countryside. Later, during many of my trips, I realized that people in rural areas have great knowledge that cannot be found in books. And we are losing this huge heritage every time one of these people dies."
My artworks speak of the relationship between humans and nature, villages and towns. I'm worried that one day we will completely lose touch with nature. Through my art, I try to raise awareness of the audience about how important and wonderful nature is. I like to touch basic human feelings with my works. In order to achieve that, I try to keep my concepts simple. If they make you smile, I'm happy because I managed to do it! I try to stay positive and spread a bit of luck around me. Sometimes I make an installation just to make people laugh!
In the open-air museum "Old Village" in Sirogojno there is one, completely needless telephone box. It is "the most modern" object in this museum. I wondered: "How could one use the pay phone when everyone has a cell one?" I decided to play with the relation retro-new and to imagine a tele-cabin. The phone of “prehistoric” looks, now completely useless, still reminds us somehow of our common history and much of our childhood. "

Joanes-Simon Perret

Tele-hut, tele-koliba