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The Fair of Old Crafts












In line with the celebration of European Heritage Days, this year featuring the theme ‘’Old and Traditional Crafts - their Preservation and Maintenance’’, The Fair of Old Crafts will be organized in the Open-air Museum ‘’Old Village’’ in Sirogojno on Sunday 27 September from 10 AM to 5 PM. The Fair will present artisanal products and their use value, as well as traditional techniques and skills of making these products in which visitors of the museum will be able to participate actively.
On this occasion, in the Museum Hall there will be opened an exhibition ‘’Golden Hands of the Artisans’’, the author Snežana Tomić, museum advisor, dedicated to artisans who still nurture the skills of handmade craft products.
The aim of the event Fair of Old Crafts is to use another activity of the Museum to contribute to preservation, development, and particularly presentation and evaluation of craft skills that are part of the cultural intangible heritage present in this territory, as well as great potential for sustainable development of the region.