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The exhibition ‘’Threads of Time’’ by Ljiljana Koković was opened on June 10 at 7pm in the Museum Hall.
The exhibition consists of forty ornaments - calligraphic initials taken from the ‘’Belgrade Prophetologion’’, embroidered on white linen cloth, visually highlighted in red, blue and Byzantine gold frames, circular, elliptical and rectangular shapes. The art of printing the initials intertwined with the bodies of fantastic animals or snakes that grow into floral shapes was a challenge that the author of the exhibition successfully overcame due to her extraordinary skill and patience. With great precision she managed to transfer them onto the canvas with a needle and thus make the treasure of medieval artifacts accessible in another way.
The author of the gold embroidery exhibition ‘’Threads of Time’’, Ljiljana Koković, in her works, inspired by and based on combination of ornaments from  ‘’Belgrade Prophetologion’’ and one of the oldest forms of embroidery, chain points, saves from oblivion and promotes a rich part of the Serbian cultural heritage. Thus she created her unique, highly valuable and applicable embroidery expressions, making one of the oldest techniques of decorating fabrics continue.
The exhibition was opened by Snežana Tomić, ethnologist, museum advisor.